If you are a comic book fan, a comic book collector, or just an avid reader of different kinds of books, then we have something good to tell you. Wonderland comic book store is open to serve you. We offer thousands of titles from our inventory of comic books. He doesn’t care if you call him a fanboy. He knows what he wants. And whatever he wants he would turn into something big like the agoda booking discount code. He is the perfect example that we can be limitless if we just focus on what’s possible. We have continuously helped people in their Amsterdam holiday who are in search of comic books by giving lots of choices in the store. Our loyal customers can attest to the fact that we give the best service possible to comic book lovers from any part of the world.

Our store in Amsterdam

If you are in the vicinity, you have got to include Wonderland comic book store in your Amsterdam city trip, our shop has been an iconic stop for tourists and locals alike as they look for different comic books that they can bring home to their country. Our shop has become the meeting place of comic fans in the area. Even with the help of internetsnelheid testen downloadsnelheid, our supporters prefer to browse our collection in the shop. Nothing beats the experience of owning your comic collection. For that reason, we will continue to stay in business. We have visitors from Asia, parts of Europe, and North America. Because we have been known to have one of the widest and most comprehensive inventory not just in the Netherlands but in the world, people flock to the store to take a peek at the comics that we offer.

History of the shop

Since the early 2000s, the owner of Wonderland has been collecting comic books. It was sparked by the Marvel movie Ironman. He was ecstatic that a comic book was able to be interpreted and shown on the big screen. And the movie was not animated but a live action film. To top it off, the movie starred one of the best actors of his time- Robert Downey Jr.

Ever since then, his collection has grown by the hundreds. Because of his love for comics, he wanted to share his passion with other comic book lovers. In 2005, he found three more people who have the same love for comic books. His enthusiasm in collecting comics was despised by his parents. They thought that he was just wasting money to buy comics in Zalando black Friday kortingscode. But he proved them wrong, his enthusiasm made him a businessman. Who would have imagined that a simple boy could be an owner of the famous “Wonderland Strips”. They combined the number of the comic books that they had and the list amounted to tens of thousands.

They wanted to reach out to more comic book fans but did not know how to do it. In 2006, in order to buy more comic books, the four decided to put up a store that would symbolize the passion that they all have for comics. They aptly called it Wonderland comic book store. They named it as such because of the feeling that they have when they open a brand new comic book.

Our inventory

Our store boasts thousands of comic book titles from different companies and comic book makers. Our collections are authentic and with certificates. If you have no time to visit our shop, you may get our collection through aliexpress coupons for new users. If you need a guide on which collection to choose first, you may contact us. From the famous Marvel comics that consists of iconic characters like Ironman, Spider-man, Thor, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Incredible Hulk, to the top-selling names in the DC universe like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and the Flash, you can find them all here.

We have the best and brightest stars in the comic book multiverse. Check out our shop to see our list of comic books available on our physical store as well as in our online shop. Look for voucher codes and promo codes that we give every month to our loyal comic book followers.