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From the streets of Amsterdam, we are now bringing our store to the online world. Most of our faithful comic book fans from around the world are bugging us all these years to build a website so that they can easily access us even if they are not in the Netherlands.

We have resisted all this time because we want to make the whole comic book buying experience personal. We love our customers and we would like to make our relationship as personal as possible. We did not want to create a website just for the sake of making millions of dollars.

The verge of the website

We found out that e-commerce has really evolved over the years. From the usual point and click style of purchasing products, the advancement of technology is now allowing us to interact with the website visitors and hear what they want. We are replicating the same personal purchasing experience that we have in our store and doing it on the website.

Customer support

Just like in our brick-and-mortar store, we have very resilient customer support who can assist you in everything you need. If the service isn’t enough, you can ask more questions through our Contact Page. Any inquiry that you have will be answered as soon as we receive your messages. Just do not forget to include your contact details so that we can send you a reply as soon as we can.


Electronic comic books

Because of the innovation that we have today, we can now offer electronic copies of comic books. You can buy e-copies of our comic books by just looking and clicking the titles available on our gallery. Download the latest electronic book application and you are good to go. Have your collection of comic books anywhere you go.